Six weeks guidance to upgrade your mindset so you can run your business like a boss


We start live (with recordings) September 14th and here’s how this program will change your life:

  • Feel fully confident in your offering, pricing and marketing. Overcome that pesky imposter syndrome. 
  • Address money mindset beliefs and blocks which unlocks freedom to earn more money and celebrate your achievements
  • Identify and address fears of success. Did you know that if you’re procrastinating from doing the most important tasks in your work, it could be from underlying fears around what success will mean for you? The first step is to identify these, and then address them. 
  • Design your business to suit your goals and lifestyle desires because let’s be real – a business should support what you want in life and how you want your time to be spent
  • Remove pressure from yourself. Are you your own worst critic? It’s time to become your best cheerleader.
  • Time management / increase productivity – actually get shit done

Well hello there. I’m so glad you’re here.

I remember clearly the first time I started looking for resources to grow my business. I had been guessing my way through and even managed to have some success, but looking back, I was actually fucking clueless about what I really needed to reach that vision I had in my head.

It feels like yesterday.

The vision I had felt so far away.

That was over a decade ago. Back in the day, we coasted from one paycheck to another, blessed to be doing well enough to get by and buy ourselves the occasional treat.

A nice house, chonky savings accounts and overseas luxury holidays were mere fantasies. Those things were for other people – people in a league we simply would never be in.

But it was okay because we had just enough.

When I started my first business, I never thought I’d be able to make enough to quit my day job. I worked full-time in a job I loathed. Mind-numbing work with no creativity and a toxic work environment made me feel miserable.

I eventually decided enough was enough and I would make it work in the business. Of course, I couldn’t expect too much, but I figured that if I could just make enough to cover the rent, planning for no extras, then it might be enough to make it work.

I discovered that there were people out there working less time and making more money than I would know what to do with. “Seems like a scam,” was my first thought.

But the idea was so alluring I kept looking into it and then I actually met some of these people.

They were in all sorts of fields and earned their living in all sorts of ways. But they all had that one thing in common with me – they all held freedom as one of their highest values.

Freedom Can Be Created In Your Business And It All Starts With This:

  • Harness the power of expert confidence

  • Embrace the journey by enjoying where you’re at

  • Automate helpful thought patterns

  • Design an abundant business

    I will take you through my H.E.A.D System step by step and how you can apply it to your business to completely transform the way you perform and the results you achieve in your business.


    I always wanted freedom. It might sound weird but being raised in a fundamentalist religion, I was always discouraged against being too independent, too ambitious and, “gasp!” Having a desire for money. Money was, “the root of all evil,” after all.

    I didn’t know it at the time but beliefs like that were keeping me small and afraid.

    You can’t hold a belief that money is the root of all evil and confidently ask for money from your clients, make sales and grow your business at the same time. At least not without a shit tonne of mental anguish and guilt. Fuck that!

    It took a long time to break free of those limiting beliefs and the money guilt and shame that went with it. But, and you may have guessed it, I did.

    And it’s led to some incredible stuff, such as:

    • 6 years coaching business owners internationally
    • Over 3000 solopreneurs helped
    • Two businesses earning multi 6 figures
    • Published author of Training Matters dog training ebook
    • Published a happiness journal for kids

    Our lifestyle now is a completely different picture

    It’s the picture that I once only dreamed about, that I thought could only ever be a dream.

    Two of the most important things I’ve learned:

    • Money helps people be able to do more good in the world. It does not make you a worse person, it enhances who you are
    • The most important changes you can make are in your head. Your mindset and beliefs need to be on track before anything else can work. The strategies, the tools, the sales processes – none of it will work if you aren’t in the right frame of mind

    Starting with mindset has been the major factor in helping my create more freedom, more abundance, more positivity and multiple streams of income through various online platforms.

    I am really freaking passionate about helping other freedom-loving business owners to see what IS possible, believe it, and achieve it. 

    I love teaching this because so many women are out there feeling like I used to feel and not even realising the amazing possibilities that exist. I want them to realize that, and to have it happen. 

    It lights me UP when someone I’ve helped reaches out and tells me that they’ve just had their first $10k month, their first sale, and their first amazing review. 

    I coach in a down-to-earth, honest and relatable style. We should all enjoy this journey. I’m NOT corporate. I make jokes, I swear. And above all I care deeply that you succeed.

    I am absolutely thrilled to invite you to learn more about the most valuable business asset you can possibly nurture so that you can achieve those dreams of yours.

    I will take you through my H.E.A.D System step by step and how you can apply it to your business to completely transform the way you perform and the results you achieve in your business.

    • Harness the power of expert confidence

    • Embrace the journey by enjoying where you’re at

    • Automate helpful thought patterns

    • Design an abundant business

      I’m so thankful for the journey I have been on and the path I have taken to get here with the other entrepreneurs who showed me what is possible. I’ve learned a tonne, and I am elated to share it with you now. 

      I’ve put together my knowledge, learning and insights that have changed my life the most in more than a decade in business. With these tools, my aim is that you can reach your goals quicker and with less stress than most people. 

      It’s your turn to build the kind of success you thought you could only dream of. So I’d like to extend a special invitation for you to join me inside of the Unstoppable Business Program so that you can finally take control of your outcomes and make your dreams a reality. 

      Business Class Mind is a 6 week program with live sessions, e-booklets and worksheets. It’s everything you need to become unstoppable in your business

      Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll cover together

      A 6-week Transformation For Only $499USD! (Valued at $1997 USD)

      • The practical and essential goal-setting technique you need to set yourself up for success
      • How to craft an imaginative future vision of your life and make a plan to bring it to life
      • Get critical clarity on what you want to achieve and why
      • Feel full confidence in your offers so you can SELL MORE. 
      • Understand and overcome imposter syndrome. 
      • Feel confident in charging higher prices without losing income
      • Foster outstanding confidence in the RESULTS you provide so you fully believe in the value of your offer
      • Build amazing confidence in your sales ability and master your processes
      • Remove pressure from yourself with acceptance of what is
      • Discover how to get through the down days and slumps
      • Learn how to decide whether to push through or have a rest
      • How to incorporate rest into your success plans
      • The best ways to reward yourself along the way
      • Address critical money mindset beliefs and blocks and offer a new perspective
      • Identify and address the fears that often come up around success
      • Nurture your positive thinking skills, without toxic positivity
      • Design a savvy and thriving business to suit your goals and lifestyle desires
      • Achieve a higher income with less clients (less time for money) 
      • Create stability and consistency in your business without burnout
      • How and why you should track your results
      • Remove unhelpful distractions and focus on what’s most important
      • Implement my favourite time management skills that increase productivity – so you can actually get shit done. 
      • Learn which tasks to prioritise to get you to your goals in rapid time

      FREE BONUS #1

      Mindful Business Valued at $555!

      Previously known as Business Class Mind, this full program will help you create amazing new mindfulness habits in your business. It’s total Mindset Mastery.

      FREE BONUS #2 

      Client Getting Collection – Valued at $49!

      Use my Client Getting Collection to attract more ideal clients to your business this week. Choose from my collection of client-getting techniques, most of which are free. 

      FREE BONUS #3

      Productivity Hacks – Valued at $99!

      Feel like you need some help to be more productive? You’re not alone. Whether you have an ADHD brain like me, or you just keep finding yourself overwhelmed with tasks rather than DOING them, use these hacks to increase your productivity today.


      We are going to go deep into how you can create the ultimate business that suits YOU and your unique style. Be prepared to have what you thought was possible completely transformed!


      12 month access to Your Unstoppable Business including the six week live round with recordings. All materials available to download and keep. (VALUED AT $1997)

      FREE BONUS #1:  Mindful Business (Valued at $555!)

      FREE BONUS #2: Client Getting Collection – (Valued at $49!)

      FREE BONUS #3: Productivity Hacks – (Valued at $99!)

      TOTAL VALUE: $2700 – Just $499 USD!

      Get Results Or Your Money Back Guaranteed

      I have helped thousands of business owners to get results when it comes to completely transforming the way they do business and make money. I am so confident that you’ll not only love this program, but also get results, that I want you to rest assured with a money-back guarantee. 

      I know if you do the homework, you’ll get results. If you do the homework and don’t get results, I’ll give you your money back. 

      So you can sign up with full peace of mind. 


      “Just saw my ‘ideal client’ who booked my biggest program; no hesitation! Couldn’t wait to get back here and tell everyone on this group! Thanks Tenille and everyone for the awesome support on this group.”

      Mary Stoie

      “Thanks for the confidence boost, Tenille! I restructured my programs last week and yesterday sold one of my midrange programs @ $650 and today sold 2 of my top programs @ $1365!”

      Nicole Leyden

      “There is no chance that without Tenille I would have been able to achieve this, running my own dream job. Being my own boss. Not having to work a job I hate, just to pay the bills.”


      “So sad it all finished. Thanks for all the support! In the last week I’ve had not many clients. But smashing out things I’ve been putting off by making them the task for the day.”

      Carol Batchelor

      “I found it very valuable and already putting in some of the work (little by little!)”

      Jools Mobbs

      “I enjoyed the course so much and am little sad that it’s over. It’s easier to follow through when someone is holding you accountable. But I’ve learned so much from you and I appreciate it. Thank you!”

      Judith Bauer Johnson

      “I love Tenille’s courses! Her 6-weeks course was valuable to me, and having unlimited access to the content is very valuable. Thanks Tenille – Loving your work!”


      “Your ideas and knowledge are excellent and by following your guide I actually had my client insisting on signing up for a larger program than I initially recommended.”


      “I just sold a $1700 program. Thanks Tenille! You have absolutely helped me to find the right clients and structure my business a success.”

      Melinda Henley

      “Just take a leap and sign up, I can honestly say you wil not regret it.”

      Shan Wink

      “Love Tenille Williams! £4k week here.”

      Nathan Leighton

      “I sold a package to todays new client, that makes 4 packages this month!”

      Lucy Miller

      “This month my average has doubled, my number of clients has halved. I’m loving it, like a new lease of life. Also seem to have more time, and not crazily rushing around like I was before. Feels great.”

      Darran Rowe

      “Having income of $10k in 1 month feels amazing! I couldn’t have done this without Tenille’s support, advice as well as the fab folk in this group! BIG Thank You!

      Jools Mobbs

      “Thank you Tenille Williams for your guidance to get me to my financial goal approximately three years before I thought it would be possible.”

      Shannon Bamford

      Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll cover together


      This is FOR you if:

      • You can afford this course  without putting yourself in financial harm
      • You want to know how I have created a 6 figure, flexible lifestyle business and overcome the mental obstacles that are a part of that
      • You honour and respect boundaries
      • You commit to doing the work and taking full responsibility for your results

      This is NOT for you if:

      • You are looking for a quick fix or magic overnight solution
      • You need a 1:1 coach or therapist
      • You need someone to save you
      • You are in dire straights with money and purchasing this course will put you at financial risk

      Why Learn From Me?

      • I have grown two businesses to six figures in part time hours
      • Both businesses have 60%+ profit margins – profit is important!
      • 6 years coaching business owners internationally
      • Over 3000 solopreneurs helped 
      • Published author of Training Matters dog training ebook
      • Published a happiness journal for kids
      • I have a background in behaviour change with animals – and you’d be amazed how much of it applies to us!
      • I am neurodiverse and understand the challenges that come with that
      • I am down to earth, real and an over sharer #sorrynotsorry
      • I am good at breaking complex stuff down into easy to understand pieces.
      • I like things to be simple and find the easiest path to reach goals
      • I love to make people laugh while teaching, I swear and I care about your success. I like to make learning fun!
      • I don’t pretend to be perfect, I have and do face many of the challenges that come with running a business – I can relate!
      • I want you to feel like I’m your business bestie, with loving boundaries of course, but I’m here for you!