Your “why”

by | Feb 14, 2022

I was once at a marketing conference in the US and my husband and I were talking to this entrepreneur dude at the bar.

He’s pretty sloshed and he kept telling me that I need to have a strong WHY. “What’s your WHY???” He asked me.

I told him I want the freedom to do what I want when I want. 🌴

He said that’s not enough. He asked if we have kids. I said we don’t. He sighed and said, “oh that’s a shame, that would be a good why…”

He couldn’t think of anything else that might be a good motivator for someone. 🙄

See, his kids was HIS why. And that’s fine.

But not everyone’s values are the same. Just because you think something is the greatest most important thing in the world, it doesn’t mean that it is for everybody.

Honestly, it made me dislike the whole term. Everyone is always going on about this big why and then expect yours to be just like theirs.

Your “why,” can be whatever you want because it’s YOURS.

Do you agree?

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