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Action Isn’t Everything

You need to take action on what you learn to get the results you are after. But change is so much more than what you are doing. It is who you are BEING that will have the greatest impact on permanent change. That’s why coaching addresses:

  • Identifying long held subconscious beliefs that are holding you back
  • Improving your habits and automatic behaviours
  • Deciding on a strategy and giving you actionable steps so you know exactly what the plan is

Our Specialties

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What We Can Do For You

Sure, you have goals, but if you’re like most people, you keep aiming for the same goal month after month, and year after year. but when you look back, you feel like you’ve made barely any progress. You start wondering, is this actually possible for me?  Most people set big goals but have no actionable steps on how they’re going to actually get there. This leaves them feeling scattered, wandering aimlessly through the days, weeks, months, until another year has passed and they realise they still don’t know what to do to actually achieve what they want. Coaching with me will help you break down your goals into smaller goals that are actionable, so you can see progress and wins before your eyes. 

spark new ideas

Having a fresh new perspective opens up the flow to new ideas and the motivation and support to go all in on those ideas you put off! After we identify which ideas are worth pursuing, of course.

tap into my knowledge

My experience goes beyond growing a successful dog training and coaching business. I have knowledge in social media, launching, SEO, Neuro Linguistic Programming and more.

Support throughout coaching

Between sessions, send me a message and I’ll be there within 24 hours

become more resilient

Working on your mindset can create amazing resilience so that you can come out on top of any challenge life throws you

From Tenille

Make Your Own Opportunities

Success doesn’t just fall into our laps. It’s up to us to take the reigns on life and steer it where we want to go. But it’s not always easy to do that if we have no idea on the best next step. Coaching can help you overcome these moments of confusion and doubt and bring clarity on exactly what you should do next. 

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