Why not

by | Feb 14, 2022

Why NOT?

Whether you want to start a photography business, start a cake shop (mmm moist chocolate cake), become a dog groomer, an expert juggler, a circus performer, an exotic dancer, a comedian, an artist… whatever it is you want deep down…

It’s so easy to think of a reason NOT to do something, even if you want it. Even if the very thought of it has you frothing with excitement, you can still think of reasons why NOT.

Sometimes what we want the most is something that is a bit scary to get to. Like, the best things in life are scary to get to.

So we let that scary in between part take over our brains and become the dominant voice in our decision making and action taking, or lack of.

We start to say things like, “now isn’t the best time.”

It happened a lot with the pandemic. So many people gave up while others adapted, pivoted, changed direction and thrived. Two people who started in the same circumstances could go in totally different directions.

Well you know it, there is always going to be something you can use as a reason why not. There’ll always be another bill coming, lousy weather, period cramps, emergency vet visits, bad hair days, tiredness, and most of all UNCERTAINTY. Because such is life.

BUt if you just turned your focus around from the “why not” to the “why?” Or maybe it’s “why the heck not?!”

You could see that right now, in this imperfect moment with all of life’s uncertainties, the world is in fact, your oyster. It’s just waiting for your special sauce, cause let’s face it, oysters without sauce are especially unbearable. (Oysters are gross, where did this expression even come from?)

Anyway, I can help you release your sauce to the world. Sometimes all it takes is having someone in your corner who gets it. I would love to be that person for you. Send me a message and ask about coaching. There are options from a single session to 12 months 1:1.

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