When you want something out of reach

by | Feb 7, 2022

Here’s the thing about wanting things that are out of reach…

Why not dream big? Do you think your chances go up or down if you visualise what you want?

They go up! When you visualise, really see, hear and smell what you want. Feel the emotions. Do it every day.

By stepping into those feelings now you can create from that place.

Another way to feel like you’re closer is to find the next attainable step. Maybe you’d like the yacht but for now you get a paddle board and it gets you out onto the water more.

Maybe you can’t yet buy your dream house but you can rent a room in that neighbourhood.

And if your business is not yet at $10k per month, you can celebrate that it’s on its way with each dollar that does come in, or each step you take towards your goal.

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