When all you want is a break but…

by | Feb 7, 2022

Here’s how you can keep money flowing through the break, even if you’re taking time off:

🗓 Schedule your content to go out automatically over the break and include call to actions to a digital product like your ebook or course

🏝Don’t assume that people aren’t buying right now – people spend bigger than ever at Christmas!

💰 Also don’t assume whether or not people can afford your services – the financial situation of your customers has nothing to do with you (unless you’re their financial advisor)

🌱 Run a Christmas special offer. People are shopping for good deals. Yours could be one of them! Offer incentives to book now to secure a spot, even if you’re about to have a break.

Remember, the world doesn’t stop just because you do – make your business work for you while you have a well earned break.

Save this post and follow if you need reminders that your business works for your lifestyle and not the other way around 💥