The Problem With Outsourcing Content

by | Dec 15, 2021

Outsourcing your content doesn’t really work. Here’s how I know.

My copywriter Josh is almost as cool as me. So when I felt overwhelmed by how much content I wanted to put out there, I asked him to write a few posts to help.

He sent the first couple through and they were great. I was reading through the first one and I came across a word I wasn’t familiar with.

Is it French? “Ballashay,” I said to myself trying to figure out the correct pronunciation.

I can’t believe I’m a 34 year old lady (?) and still learning new words. I can’t believe I have to google this.

Ballache. As in your balls ache. That was the word. It wasn’t some fancy French expression. He was talking about balls.

I’m fine with slang and swears in my posts but there’s one major problem here. Most people in my audience don’t have balls. What do I even replace that with? Flap ache? Flappashay?

It’s been a good reminder that people want to hear my voice. Your voice. Who you are.

Not recognising the word ballache is such a tenille thing to do.

Coming up with content all the time CAN be a… flap ache.

But people want to hear from the real you.

This is me. I might not know fancy French words. But I can help you grow your business and I’m willing to laugh along the way. DM me for a coaching spot x