Success Story

by | Feb 4, 2022

I just caught up with a coaching client last week who just had her first $10k month! But the really cool part – last time we spoke in early December she told me she was expecting a low month in January. Why? Because it always is. I told her, start doing something about that now, don’t just accept it. Change it!

And even cooler, she told me that now, after we have worked together for just a few months, she has more free time and is earning more than ever before. She’s paid off her credit and has savings in her account for the first time. I was so excited to hear this!

Before we met, she felt run off her feet. She didn’t have time to fart (her words).

She had outstanding invoices and difficult clients who weren’t even paying her.

She was offering a service she didn’t want to be doing, because she felt bad saying no and felt she needed to do it for the money.

She was over it.

We only did a three month coaching program together. It cost a lot less than $10k.

That small investment she made has led her to a situation where she could make $120k per year.

But it’s so much more than the money. It’s the time freedom, reduced stress, enjoyment of work. No longer dealing with difficult clients, providing services she doesn’t like doing, going without because people aren’t paying.

Now she knows her worth. She said she is living the lifestyle she envisioned when we started.

It’s AMAZING and I am SO proud of her.

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