by | Feb 22, 2022

Whenever you’re about to get in the water, someone will remind you about sharks.

Whenever I mention to my Dad that we are about to go diving, paddle boarding, snorkelling, or jet-skiing, the first thing he says is, “watch out for sharks. A lot of people have been killed by sharks when doing that, you know.”

Whenever you’re about to do something that comes with some risk, which is most things, your inner critic will start to remind you about those risks and all the scary what-ifs.

And you know that’s normal and you start to get brave and tell yourself about all the amazingness that’s going to happen and how it WILL go well.

And whether you’re in excitement mode, or a bit worried, you start to talk to people about your big plans.

Sure enough, there will always be someone to remind you about all the risks.

And yeah, they are probably just looking out for you and have good intentions. But it can still feel a little deflating, you know?

You already knew there were risks, your own inner voice is reminding you about it enough.

It’s not about pretending there are no risks.

It’s about where you decide to put your focus.

The likelihood of being attacked by a shark is 1 in 3,748,067

For context, the risk of death by lightning strikes is 1 in 79,746.

Yet every day, people are focusing on the sharks so much that they don’t get in the water at all.

When I jump in, I know there is a risk. But I am thinking about what I hope to see. In fact, I am one of those crazy people who would like to see a shark. Preferably a friendly shark with a full belly.

If I think about it, there are a lot of things to fear in the ocean.

But I’m usually focused on the reason I’m doing it in the first place – to have fun, to be adventurous, to see amazing things in nature, to explore.

You and I both know that there’ll always be someone reminding you of the risks at every turn, and if there’s not someone else, your inner critic will be there.

That’s why my job is to remind you of the rewards and keep you focused on those amazing things that you’ll learn by taking those risky steps. Of course, we can minimise risks too, without catastrophizing them.

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