Reticular activiating system

by | Sep 6, 2021

“Tiktok is the most toxic place on the internet.” A friend said this to me.

“I love Tiktok, it’s so uplifting and great for a laugh.” I have said this to others.

How on earth could two similar people have such a contrasting view of the same app?

The TikTok algorithm very quickly learns what type of content you like so it can show you more of the same.

My friend has got into a few arguments in the TikTok comments sections. He is probably more likely to comment on videos that he disagrees with. So TikTok shows him more videos he disagrees with and before you know it, TikTok really is the most toxic place on the internet.

I joined Tiktok to laugh. So I tap like on things that are funny or inspirational. If I see something I don’t like, I am most likely to just scroll past it and look for something positive.

Because I came to the app with that intention. The algorithm learned, and presto – TikTok is uplifting and great for a laugh.

Now here’s my point: your brain has a similar algorithm. It’s called the Reticular Activating System and it’s job is to help you notice things in the world around you that you have on your subconscious mind. Ever thought about buying a certain type of car and then suddenly everyone on the road seems to be driving one? That is your RAS at play!

Just like a social media algorithm you can train your subconscious mind with the positive things you want to see happen in your environment, so that your RAS can bring those to your attention. Train your algorithms!

You can do this by setting your intention at the start of the day. Extra points if you write it down.

Make a habit of revisiting your intention several times throughout the day so that you can start to notice it coming to life around you. Give your time and energy to that intention and when the negative arises, scroll on past.

If you need help training subconscious mind so that it serves you in a positive way, send me a message about one on one coaching.