Choosing the simplest path

by | Nov 30, 2021

When the pandemic started, there was a mass scramble from all of the people who had been thinking about offering more online-based services to suddenly get it done.

They were panicked and felt like they should have been more prepared and that now they had to get everything up and running to perfection like yesterday, or they were going to miss out.

I even felt some tension from people who commented that I was lucky I was already online.

Starting something new out of fear and panic is not a good place to create from. Work is so much easier when you create from a place of excitedly wanting to share what you have to offer with the world!

If you’re new to sharing your knowledge online, or maybe you decided you would back in March 2020 and still haven’t launched your new course, here’s some advice:

Take the simpler path.

You don’t have to professionally film 50 video lessons and create a full course before you sell your knowledge.

Instead, why not start with one webinar presentation?

This is a great test to get to know your audience and what they need and to get some sales coming in quicker.

I know what it’s like to get caught up in perfectionism but it will only keep you stuck for longer.

When I launched my first online course I thought it had to be perfect before I could offer it for sale.

I spent months filming and putting it all together.

Now? I make a bullet point list of my course topics. Then I make a list under each list. It’s all in text form until I then send it to my assistant to create slides from it and this forms the basis of my presentation. It doesn’t have to be harder than that.

You can make it even easier and start with just one small topic. Sell a piece of the pie to start with rather than a whole pie. And definitely don’t try to set up a whole bakery before you offer anything for sale.

If you want to follow my step by step process for creating and launching your first online course, including a 30-day calendar with each action laid out per day, message me about joining The Online Course journey, or alternatively, we can coach together one on one and make it happen with the simplest path!