It’s not that there won’t be challenges, it’s how you interpret them

by | Jan 12, 2022

It can be easy to look at someone who inspires you and think they have no problems. Maybe it’s perfectly polished looks, the body of a Goddess, a relationship that makes you say, “couple goals,” an unbreakable fitness routine and a diet of green juice and colourful salads.

They just totally have their shit together don’t they?

I promise they don’t!

No one is perfect. Everyone has challenges and hard stuff they’re facing in life.

I think it’s great that they share the positives of their life because it can inspire people.

Even if you don’t achieve the perfect result, it’s better to aim towards something that inspires you than to dwell on the not so great stuff and do nothing.

Just don’t compare yourself to the point you make yourself feel bad over it.

When you work on yourself, it doesn’t mean that challenges will disappear from your life. It means that you can be more mindful of how you respond to the challenges and where you can grow.

I have had some pretty significant challenges in life and I’m sure you have too. They don’t just go away. But by doing the work on myself I know I have got better and better at handling things and that I can keep working on it and improving it.

That’s why it’s called mindset WORK. Some parts are fun work, and some are just work, but all of it is worth it.

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