How to Stop Confidence from Dropping When Business Fluctuates

by | Aug 7, 2022

What kind of marketing was I doing? How was I showing up? Did I do a certain type of promotion? Do you find that when inquiries are quiet, you’re feeling down, and your confidence starts to dwindle? Today, we’re going to talk about how you can keep your confidence up when business is down.

Remember WHY you’re doing this thing

Now, first of all, before you do anything, before you panic and quit, or jump into action and solve it, you want to remember why you’re doing this thing in the first place. Why did you start this business? 

If you’re on a mission and you have goals that are important to you, remembering these goals can get you through all sorts of challenges. 

So let me know why you decided to start this business in the first place?

And how far have you come so far? 

What potential do you see in your business that you haven’t met yet? And why would you like to do that? Asking yourself these questions and journaling on them, don’t just think about envisioning what you wanted in the first place. And what you want the future to be like can help motivate you to do what it takes to get there. So what else can we do? 

Look for the opportunities that you don’t have when you’re busier

Well, when things are a bit quiet, do you sit around worrying? Do you ruminate on it? Do you comfort, eat, and binge on Netflix instead? 

How about flipping the script? Now I get to spend some time on my marketing. And that will bring me more clients. 

Look at all the things you always wish you had time to do when it comes to working on your business instead of in your business during client bookings and inquiries on the quiet side.

Remember, too, that getting inquiries to stay steady requires steady marketing. So if you’ve got your marketing to the point that inquiries are coming in, and then you relax and think, “cool, I don’t need to do that anymore.” That might be why things have eased off again and can have a delayed reaction. 

So you may have only stopped a few months ago. And it’s just catching up now. So get back into your marketing. I like to keep a running to-do list of those business tasks that I don’t always have time for. And then, when I have time, I refer to that list and pick something from it that I can work on and finally get done. 

You can also look for opportunities to repeat marketing that has worked for you in the past. 

Think about times when you’ve had maybe a really high revenue month or just a really good month with your business and look back at that time, go through your calendar and try and remember, what was I doing at that time? 

Sometimes when I’m trying to remember a certain time, I’ll look back at that period in my photo album just to jog my memory of what I was doing in life at the time and have a think about, you know, what kind of marketing was I doing? How was I showing up? Did I do a certain type of promotion? Was I talking about a certain kind of thing in my content that really got good engagement and spurred inquiries on what I did back then that I could repeat now. 

And when it comes to repeating it, you don’t need to worry about people seeing that you’re repeating content because only a small portion of your audience sees one piece of content at a time. 

It can feel like you’re repeating yourself because you see the same thing over and over that you’re putting out there. But many people haven’t seen it yet. So don’t be afraid to repeat content you’ve already used before. 

Maybe just give it a revamp, freshen it up a bit, and also, any promotions or offers you’ve put out in the past that you maybe haven’t done for a while, you could put a new spin on them. 

So maybe you had a sale in springtime last year that got you lots of inquiries. You could now do a summer version or something like that. And finally, if times are quiet, what you really want to work on is nurturing your optimism. 

Nurture your optimism

Make sure you catch yourself in any negative self-talk and interrupt the pattern. Just interrupt it. Don’t beat yourself up about it because that’s no good for anyone. Just interrupt it and refocus on something more positive. 

Start building more positive stories to replace and push out the negative ones. 

You can do this by surrounding yourself with inspiration. So listen to positive audiobooks and podcasts, or YouTube videos like this, or look at one of those courses you signed up for. 

You never talk about listening to those things; just while going through your morning routine, surround yourself with positive, uplifting friends online and offline. And while you’re building that positivity, think about the positive actions that can help you. 

And while you’re building up that positivity, you want to cut out the streams of negativity. So that comes from constantly watching the news and scrolling through social media for hours without a purpose. 

If you focus on things like negativity in the news or bad news stories, and you repeatedly take that in over and over, you’ll feel worse, and it will just erode your own competence. 

And if you’re allowing your confidence to be eroded like that, you’re really sabotaging yourself, and it’ll just snowball from there. 

And when you’re low in confidence, you’re not going to be as effective in putting yourself out there and doing your marketing as you could be if you’re feeling positive and optimistic about things. 

And we all know that showing up more confidently to our audience is more attractive, and we can actually attract clients. 

And finally, if you’re letting it get to you and you’re feeling like the lack of inquiries is making you doubt your skills and abilities, look for evidence of your skills; remind yourself of times that you have proven it to yourself; maybe you’ve got nice testimonials from others as well; remind yourself of the value that you provide and how much you help others; and that when you find clients, you’ll just have more opportunities to help more people as well. 

There is immense value in what you do, and the world needs you. So don’t give up! 


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