How to handle a “no,” to your offer

by | Feb 6, 2022

Do you feel crushed when someone says NO to your offer?

A lot of people take it personally when they don’t get a YES to the sale when they make an offer.

This often comes from our experiences with rejection at an early age. Were we taught to handle it or did it seem like the end of the world? Did someone reject us harshly and hurt us, maybe with a personal attack?

Remember you’re in business. It’s literally not a personal attack on you. Your offer is not right for every single person and that’s okay.

It can help to realise that sales is a numbers game. No matter who you are, only a small percentage of people you talk to will buy your offer.

Only a portion of your content viewers will like what you’re putting out there.

It’s really about self worth. When you know you’re not for everyone and that you don’t have to be, you’re free to be you and make your amazing offers to the world for the right people.

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