How to get comfortable exposing yourself

by | Jan 12, 2022

After 6 weeks of attending pole dance classes, it was time to perform in front of a crowd. The song was Jailhouse Rock and we were all dressed as prisoners in stripes.

My dress had long sleeves, covered my boobs with a tiny heart cut out in the middle and was very short, just covering my bum while standing. It didn’t however leave much to the imagination once we started dancing and flicking our legs about.

I felt so exposed. I was bending over in front of the mirror and checking if my undies covered enough. I was horrified that my boylegs were showing!

“I can’t dance in front of people like this!” I lamented to the other students and our instructor. They told me it’ll be fine.

We were nervous but we did it, and it was fine. And as I watched the rest of the performances I realised I was way more covered up than most other students. They were so confident! When you get to more advanced moves, you need more bare skin because it helps you grip to the pole.

Let’s just say there was a lot to see!

And as I got more used to poling with a room full of supportive people, I got more used to baring it all.

It became so normal to be to dance in my underwear that I forgot that it was not normal to the general public. I pole danced on a stage pole near the beach as people walked by staring. I got more comfortable in bikinis.

Being comfortable exposing myself was my new normal.

It happened by doing it and by having the example and support of those around me.

And it’s the same for your content. You get more used to exposing yourself by doing it and by surrounding yourself with supportive peers.

So take it off baby! Let me see you show up and expose as much as you want to! I’ll cheer you on (whether you do it literally or metaphorically)!