How to deal with haters

by | Feb 6, 2022

Have you ever had a hater?

There’s something about the internet where the security of a screen to hide behind can bring out the nastiest sides of strangers.

Think of an author you admire and check out their reviews. Through all the love they also get a lot of hate. So you’re not alone.

I used to get really upset about this kind of comment and sometimes it still stings to read that sort of thing.

But know this – it’s all about them and nothing to do with you. You have chosen a path to put yourself out there and get your message out to help people. They have chosen to put their time and energy into trying to hurt others and bring them down to their level.

You will never see a successful person engaging in this sort of behaviour.

It’s always the people who are choosing to stay small. In fact, they’re usually hurting in some way. They are like a small hurt child lashing out.

LIke a child having a tantrum we don’t reward that behaviour. It’s up to you whether you delete but you have every right to do so and to protect your energy and time.

My approach? Forgive and delete.

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