How to deal with difficult clients

by | Jan 7, 2022

Here’s a question that was submitted to me: “How do I deal with difficult clients or those that want a magic, immediate fix without any effort on their part?”

And here’s my answer: Don’t.

Why would a legend like you want to take on a client like that?

We no longer live in a time where you need to accept every client. If you’re really attracting clients who don’t want to put in ANY effort at all and expect you to wave a magic wand, it’s okay to say, “we are not a good fit to work together.”

Secondly, if this is happening to you often, I recommend identifying what might be going askew in your marketing that is contributing to this.

Maybe you’re putting out quick fix vibes in your posts. Or maybe you’re undercharging and attracting clients who aren’t invested enough to take your work seriously.

Tell the world through your marketing exactly who you want to work with and help the right people to find you. Meanwhile, say no to clients you don’t want.

Do you have great clients but feel you could provide more accountability and help your clients to do their homework between sessions? Grab my Client Relationship ToolKit here: