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I started out my career in business as a dog trainer. I will always have a love of animals and the outdoors. One of the reasons I wanted to run my own business was so that I was in charge of crafting my lifestyle. Freedom is one of my highest values. When searching for ways to create as much freedom as possible, I began my venture into online courses. If you’re venturing into the digital world, get started with my free resource guide of online tools I use to create more time-freedom through online education. 

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Travel While You Earn

I love to travel. This can sometimes be difficult for small business owners as the business often stops when you do. Working online has allowed us to travel while income still comes in. And if needed, I can still work from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Working With Animals & People - Where It All Started

I have been working with animals for over 15 years including vet clinic work, training horses, nursing wildlife back to health, caring for reptiles and of course, training dogs –  the area where I started my first business and grew to love entrepreneurship and a lifestyle business online.

Dog Matters

I always wanted to work with animals and run my own business. My one regret is putting it off for so long! I started Dog Matters in 2011 and help people with canine behaviour problems in their homes both in person and through online training. Running Dog Matters also led to another dream of mine coming to reality – training animals at the local Zoo once a week. 

Part of my business is writing articles for a local magazine and blogging. I also wrote a book about training dogs which you can purchase on the Dog Matters website here.