Fixing the business before getting business help

by | Feb 14, 2022

Have you ever thought about hiring help for something, but figure you’ll fix the business situation before you ask for some business help?

I know, it sounds backwards! Because it is.

I hear this all the time from people who want coaching but they are looking for ways to save money. So they tell me they just want to…

  • Fix their website
  • Get some clients
  • Set up a new social media channel
  • Create new services
  • Learn how to do facebook ads
  • Make a certain amount….

… and THEN they’ll get help.

The hard thing is, if we just worked together now, I could help to do all these things more efficiently, more effectively, and with a lot less stress than if you try to figure it all out on your own.

More importantly, I could help you profit sooner rather than waiting before all the pieces are perfect before you start earning what you want. Not just making you more money, but saving money and time.

That’s what a coach is for – to help the person get there faster and easier. If they could already sort it all on their own, they wouldn’t be enquiring in the first place.

If you’re hesitant, we can start with a single introductory session. DM me to book.