Don’t Skip These Marketing Strategies To Attract Paying Clients

by | Aug 12, 2022

Today I want to talk about your content marketing and 3 things that you need to make sure you are including in your marketing EVERY DAY to attract more paying clients.

Create shareable content

So when it comes to your content, you want to try and aim to make your content shareable. When I started my first business, I started making content for it. And that was fine. It definitely helped my business grow. 

I remember, at one point, I decided to start an e-newsletter. But the reason I was starting the e-newsletter is that it’s what other people seem to be doing. And I didn’t really understand why they were doing it and that you needed to actually have goals with your content. 

So I didn’t have any set goals for any of my content. I was just making content. And you don’t want to be doing that. 

So now, I always try to make sure that not only is my content valuable, but it’s shareable. So I want people to think, “Oh, that was helpful to me.” 

And I know someone else that will benefit from that or need that. Or I know that people in my circles will benefit from that. So I’m going to share it. 

Or another way you can make your content shareable and make people really want to share it is to do an opinion piece. Because when people have strong opinions about things, they can’t help themselves. They really need to get a word in, and if they feel strongly aligned with that, they will want to share that. So we mentioned goals for your content.

Include a clear CTA in your content

And the next piece is to make sure that you have a clear goal for every piece of content in that you include a CTA, which stands for call to action. So this means that every time you make a piece of content, you know what free or paid product it can lead the viewer or reader to. 

So it doesn’t have to be a paid product all the time. You don’t have to be selling all the time. But even when you’re offering a free product, you’re kind of selling it. 

So I guess you’re always selling. But it doesn’t mean it has to be a hard sell. It can flow naturally and organically. 

And the topic you’re speaking about can lead naturally to the next logical step for the viewer or reader in how they can take it to the next step, take it further, work with you, and benefit more. 

And don’t forget that when you’re leading them to your freebies or your paid products, you are helping them more. So there’s no shame in offering that to them and telling them, hey, this is what you can do next. This is how you can work with me further. Click the button, click the link, go here and tell them exactly what you want them to do because they can’t read your mind. 

And you don’t want to leave people guessing, searching, and then just giving up on how to work with you. 

So remember that you are directing people to more valuable resources that can help them further with whatever problem you help to solve. And you don’t want to hold that back from them just because you’re shy about selling yourself.

Don’t be afraid to sell

And that leads me to my final tip, which is don’t be afraid of selling. Selling is a normal and necessary part of every business because that’s what businesses do. They sell things. 

So if you find yourself feeling a bit icky about selling, you may have a money mindset block and think about where this may have come from for you. 

A great exercise I did in one of Leonie Dawson’s courses once was to draw a picture of what you envisioned our sales person to look like. 

And what I drew and what came out of me was kind of hilarious but kind of made sense. And kind of icky too, like, it was really a typical, sleazy looking white guy, and there was like a smell coming off him, and his eyes were red, and he was like, “Buy my shit,” yelling. So a lot of people have that kind of view of what a salesperson is or what it means to sell. 

But the biggest takeaway I’ve had about selling in business is that you can do it in a way that suits you. It feels good for you. It can be fun, and it can feel really good.

Conclusion & Call to Action 

If you are coming from that genuine place, I have this product that can help change your life. I need to get it into your hands because I genuinely know it’s going to help you. 

So just remember, you can do it in a really natural and helpful way, and it doesn’t have to be like anyone else you’ve seen sell before. You can find your own style. And that goes for anything in business. 

You don’t have to do it the way some guru tells you to or the way someone else does it just because you’ve seen someone else do it that way. You can make your own rules, but you do need to sell in some way. 

If you want more help to get more clients, I do have the client getting collection, which is only, I think, $49, and it’s got nine marketing tips and strategies that you can use to get more clients this week. So you can well and truly make your money back really quickly.