Charging fulltime and as a side gig

by | Jan 7, 2022

Is there a difference in how you would run your business as a side gig vs a full time career?

If you’ve been running your business on the side, and you still have another job to act as a safety net, do you still run your business like a CEO or like a hobby?

If your goal is to move into your business full time, step into that role and act like the owner of a legit full time company, even if you still have a day job for now.

If you want to create any type of business, you need to picture exactly what that looks like. More importantly, you need to have a clear image of the kind of person you need to be to make it happen.

When do you get up? What do you do in the mornings? What do you eat? What type of clients do you attract?

Once you have this clear picture of who you need to become to create the business you want to create, it’s time to step into that role now.

When challenges come up in your business or you need to make growth decisions, you can then ask yourself, what would the CEO version of me do to handle this?

By bringing that person into your decisions now, you can reach your goal of your ideal business sooner, because you’ll already be becoming the person your ideal business needs you to be.

Need help stepping into that role? That’s where I come in. Through subconscious pattern creation combined with the right marketing strategies we can design your ideal business and a plan to make it happen.