Can we skip to the good part?

by | Feb 7, 2022

That’s why you feel like you’re spinning you’re always busy but never making the progress you want – you might be busy with fluff tasks.

You already know you have to do the work, and I get it, that can feel overwhelming!

The key is to spend your time on the most meaningful work first, and set one of those tasks per day that is done before anything else. This is usually the work that is going to directly bring in sales.

Things like:

✅ Reaching out to new contacts and getting back to existing ones
✅ Emailing your list with your offer
✅ Creating content with a call to action
✅ Asking for the sale and the payment
✅ Creating new offers

They are NOT things like:

😵 Scrolling social media
😵 Day to day business administration
😵 Getting distracted with emails and phone calls
😵 Researching shiny objects like new software or site builders
😵 Cleaning your house before you start working

There is no skipping to the good part but taking the right action WILL get you there faster.

What are you spending the most time on?

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