5 ways to find new clients

by | Feb 7, 2022

1. Find an active community group on Facebook and post, “I’m a {what you do} and I’m wondering, what’s your biggest struggle with {niche topic} right now? I’ll help in the comments.” Genuinely help – don’t just focus on making sales.

2. Create a short video showing client results and then run the post as a targeting Facebook ad. Retarget people who watched the video with a follow up ad.

3. On social media eg Instagram, research the hashtag for the city you are in, find people that have used that hashtag and follow the people who most match your target audience and engage with their posts. If it feels right, start a conversation with them about what you do in your area.

4. Start with a small and simple no brainer offer for a low price and use this to build relationships and gain testimonials

5. Post on social media that you’re taking 3 clients for one free session in exchange for a testimonial (ask people to tag their friends). Offer those clients to continue to work with you with a special paid offer. Repeat the process, but this time with a low-priced offer. Work your way up in increments each time you do this.

Remember, no one will promote you like you do.

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